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Guests Enjoy Summer BBQ Without Realizing Six Out Of Seven Dishes Were Tainted With Salmonella And Listeria 

Artsy Picture of Steel Diamond Plating Reportedly Causes Major Anxiety For Persons With OCD

Important Meeting Constantly Undermined By Fierce Glare From A Full Forced Sun

Flamingo Close Up

Male Flamingo Less Than Thrilled With Evolution's Choice For His Pink Feathers

Team Talk

Local Startup Excited To Have Meeting Where Everyone Decides Whether Or Not The Company Should Continue To Exclusively Hire Hipsters

Painted Heart

Artsy Heart Photo Unbeknownst To The Artist Was Created With A Potent And Lead Laden Paint Which Will Almost Certainly Poison All Involved

Disturbing And Stark Image Shows A Pants-Less Man Holding Newborn That Does Not Belong To Him

Newly Discovered Planet Does Not Appreciate Being Found And Would Like To Be Left Alone Thank You Very Much

Humorous Wedding Photo That Was Taken In All Sincerity To Be Shredded In Nasty Divorce  

Local Hipster, Desperate For Attention, Has Only Real Friend Snap Dramatic Photo For Her 12,000 Instagram Followers

Recent Study Reveals That 94% of All Hard Drive Space Is Pirated Game Of Thrones Episodes And Babysitter Porn

Perfect Dive Executed by Woman Who Is Just Realizing Now She Does Not Know How to Swim

Stock Photo Model Proud To Be The False Face You See On Every Website's Contact Us Page

Non-Functional Camera Slowly Coming To Terms With Fact it Has Become A Hipster's Necklace

Toucan Curses Evolution For Making His Head Weigh So Goddamn Much

Scientists Prove Even If This Corgi Was Intelligent And Sentient It Would Not Give A Shit About Bitcoin

Stupid Stock Photo Shows Two Dipshits Staring At A Blank iPad 

REPORT: That Flight You Have This Weekend Is Going To Be Delayed

Nation's Security Cameras Believed To Have Thousands Of Hours Of Untapped Content For America's Funniest Home Videos  

Ostrich Survives 43 Grueling Years in Hostile Australian Outback Only To Be Made Into Tacky Wallets and Boots

Survey Reveals That It Looks Like Just About Everybody Forgot The Monday Morning Conference Meeting

Sound Wave Tattoo Inspiration Unwittingly Translates To "Bush Did 9/11"

Nine Out of Ten Doctors Suggest Trying That Yellow One And Oooh Yeah That Red And The White One For Sure

Romantic Floating Lamp Gesture At Summer Wedding Responsible For Largest Wildfire In State's History

Perverted Wine Glass Cannot Wait To Be Filled And Emptied Over And Over Again During Busy Weekend At Restaurant


REPORT: Studies Find Color Blind People 99% Less Likely To Purchase This Stock Image Of What Appears To Them To Be Just A Bunch Of Pencils


Man Backpacking Through Asia For Eight Months Can't Remember Or Not If He Left His Closet Light On


Scientists Warn That When Life Gives You Lemons You Should Probably Not Accept Free Sour Fruit From Strangers That's Pretty Fucking Weird On All Accounts

Wood Piles

Pile Of Wood Absolutely Terrifying To Nearby Tree

Job Interview

Survey Reveals That Yeah, You Should Have Worn Pants To That Last Job Interview

cherry pie

Man Disapointed When He Didn't Float On The Visible Scent Trail Of Delicious Pie

People Walking

Most Scientists Agree That At Least One Of These People Is The Zodiac Killer


Chic Restaurant Has The Audacity To Serve Pancakes With A Portion Already Cut Out On The Fork

Smiling Man

You Still Haven't Responded To Greg's Improv Show Facebook Invite And The Poor, Ignorant Son Of A Bitch Thinks You Still Might Make It

Ice Cream Sandwich

Just Looking At This Image Has Cost You Over 100 Calories New Study Finds

Grapefruit and Vitamins

New Study Reveals You Can't Overdose On Grapefruit, You Still Have To Do It The Old Fashioned Way With A Handful Of Pills

A New Study Has Revealed That 99.9% Of Peacock Streaming Traffic Is From Streaming "The Office" 

REPORT: That Masseuse Definitely Didn't Wash Her Hands Before The Start Of Your $92 Massage 

Area Man Completely Forgets About His Family After Mere Seconds of Seeing An Alternate Reality

REPORT: Yes, Those People at the Gym Are Staring at You

Area Lawyer Smiles As He Thinks About You Losing Your Home, Wife And Kids When He Sues The Living Shit Out Of You

Awful Stock Photo Model Cannot Resist Urge To Turn and Smile Directly Into The Camera Despite Numerous Warnings

REPORT: 86% Of All Dollar Bills Have Been Used to Purchase An Item From The Taco Bell Dollar Menu

Despite Portraits That Resemble No One, Delusional Aunt Continues To Fill Home With Terrible "Art" 

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