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Trump Holds First Press Conference Since July, Tweets Jokes About Reporters While Answering Question

President-Elect Donald Trump held his first press conference in 167 days Tuesday morning, much to the chagrin of those who do not like to hear six-grade level answers coming from the mouth of the future leader of the free world.

During the conference, Trump answered less than half a dozen questions before retreating from the podium and passing the microphone to a lawyer who quickly explained how Trump cannot have any conflicts of interest as President and then spent several minutes explaining the nature of Trump’s current conflicts of interest and how they really aren’t conflicts of interest.

After the explanation from the lawyer, Sheri Dillon, Trump took to the podium again to answer more questions. Missing from his usual speech behavior was his trademark gesticulation; curiously his hands remained below the sight of the cameras, allowing him to tweet simultaneously while he answered questions from reporters.

When answering a question about meeting with business leaders to bring jobs back to the United States from a reporter at Chatter, Trump tweeted the following:

A follow up question about building a wall across the Mexican border to the United States led to what a reporter who has asked not to be named has called an “incoherent rambling that is reminiscent of an ADD crippled, addle-brained, fever dream-esque rant from an obvious sociopath.” He’s claimed repeatedly that so many people chanted “build the wall” at his rallies that Mexico has to pay for it now, “All those people can’t possibly be wrong.” Meanwhile, he tweeted this out while answering the question:

Finally, while dodging a question about his alleged ties with Russia, as gracefully as his aide Kellyanne Conway dodges every question she’s asked, Trump tweeted this message under the podium to mock the reporter:

While walking away from the podium, multiple reporters pointed out the President Elect that he had not directly answered the question. Doing what he does best, Trump walked away, ignoring facts and continuing to exist in a reality that only he perceives to be true.

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