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Report: Amateur Photoshop Artist Fools Entire Over 35 Office Population with Poorly Edited Image of

CARLSBAD, CA – Local amateur Photoshop artist and desperate-for-attention funnyman, Alexander Petit, has reportedly crudely edited an image of President Barack Obama shaking hands with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto by pasting his head over the leader of America’s southern neighbor.

Petit then proceeded to print the photo as a 4x6 and place it in a frame on his desk at work hoping that passerby would chuckle at the humorous image. By press time, a majority of the the company’s employees had passed Petit’s desk and noticed the prominently placed photograph and every millennial smiled and nodded in agreement with the photo. “Haha, good one,” remarked Cliff Cabanban, a 31 year old coworker of Petit’s after spotting the image.

Others had a different reaction. Asking about the monthly sales report, the President of the Company noticed the photograph and stopped mid-sentence. “Is that… You and… The President?!” he reportedly asked incredulously.

Petit replied with a “Yep” and a chuckle, trying to play off the obviously edited picture instead of explaining how embarrassing it was to think that the photo was legitimate.

“I mean, I know he was in the Navy, but I never knew he met the President!” commented Ethan Senturia, the company’s CEO, who, despite only being 30, has the mental grasp of technology of a senior citizen.

In the break room at lunch, Petit was asked repeatedly by multiple employees about his relationship with the former President, answering by telling them he made the connection with the leader of the free world by going to a historically black college, “Everyone from Southern University knows Barry. And another thing, we’d all like to get to know Michelle better.”

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