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"C-C-Climate Ch-Ch-Change is B-B-B-Bullshit" Claims Freezing, Snow Covered MAGA Hat Wearin

BATON ROUGE, LA - Local resident Clint Thibodaux III spoke to a Balanced and Fair News representative about his unflinching position on climate change as Louisiana continues to see record low temperatures this winter. "C-C-Climate ch-ch-change is b-b-b-bullshit," chattered the freezing Republican, who refuses to see any proof for climate change despite the frigid conditions devastating Louisiana this year.

Thibodaux is proud to have voted for President Donald Trump and agrees strongly with the controversial move of the United States leaving The Paris Agreement, a globally recognized measure taken by over 170 countries to help curb the effects of man made climate change.

Taking a break to Google how to shovel snow from your driveway, a task he had previously never had to do in Southern Louisiana, Clint spoke with Fair and Balanced News while huddled under his two jackets, three pairs of pants and single red MAGA ball cap.

Helping his clear his driveway was his brother Fred, who had moved back from Houston to Louisiana after his home flooded earlier in the year and had moved from Louisiana to Houston due to the record breaking Hurricane Katrina. He also agreed that climate change was a made up theory that 98% of scientists were paid off to believe in order to profit the deep state liberal elite that were still in power and sabatoging President Trump at every turn. "Look, the next thing you're gonna t-t-t-ell me is that Obama was done born here in the US of A and we all know that's BS," observed Thibodaux III, "I know a Kenyan w-w-w-w-w-when I sees one."

Balanced and Fair News did later find out that Mr. Thibodaux III received frost bite while out shoveling his driveway, but drove was able to get treatment at his local hospital due to his coverage from the Affordable Care Act, and not, as he says, "that lousy Obamacare."

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