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Local Bar Trivia Team's Win Temporarily Gives Meaning To Otherwise Worthless Lives

Vandelay Industries

SAN DIEGO, CA - After scribbling "Afghanistan" onto a slip of paper and turning it in with fingers crossed, local Trivia host Jack Quentin announced the winner of California Tap Room's Wednesday night Trivia contest was Vandelay Industries, a team comprised of four men in their late twenties and early thirties that show courage in the face of severe and crippling depression every week when they arrive for trivia.

Members of the team include a manic depressive pet food supply chain management supervisor, Shane, a Seaworld caraciture artist, Chain, a sales guru whose beard and skin tone cause him to always have additional screening at security, Jason and an unsuccessful consultant who constantly seeks validation for his ever depleting level of self worth, Alex.

The team manages to meet once a week to play trivia which isn't impressive at all since a majority of them have no lives whatsoever. The team then somehow eeks out a win most weeks by combining their vast knowledge of sports, entertainment, science, geography and 1990s sitcoms. Each night they lose, the tortured souls return to their empty lives and search for a reason to live until the next game and subsequent sweet recognition earning victory.

Reports indicate that the team loses almost exclusively because of so-called "executive decisions" by self proclaimed team captain, Jason Fleming, whose confidence is trusted to the chagrin of his teammates begging any merciful God for a life-sustaining win.

Sources from bar attendees indicate unhealthy traits in the team as well. "I almost always have to cut off the squirrely one, he also hasn't made eye contact with me in the last three years they have been playing here," said an anonymous, attractive waitress who didn't want Jason to know her name for safety reasons.

The team's most recent win has starved off their inevitable group suicide for another week, and their 2017 third place win in the San Diego Championship gave them the needed vigor to wake up the next morning and face their pathetic, worthless faces in their respective bathroom mirrors.

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