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Trump Ends Program That Funds Heating For Poor Elderly and Disabled; Suggests They Spend Winters In

WASHINGTON D.C. - As harsher winters hit the United States every year, the poor and disenfranchised citizens of northern states have struggled in the last decade to manage their limited income and heating costs. Luckily, Obama era guidelines have offered government assistance for their heating costs allowing these poor families' incomes to go farther.

In President Trump's new budget, these helpful subsidies would be eliminated. The President however, didn't see what the big deal was.

"Look, okay, so, like it snows in New York City, right, maybe you've heard of it, the city that never sleep, okay? It's where I'm from, frankly, and many people are saying this, it is the greatest city in the world, take it from me. Believe me. Anyways, so yeah, it snows, and do you ever see me in the snow? Does the dishonest media ever show pictures of me in the cold snow? I don't like the snow but the media wouldn't tell you that, they'd tell you I was Frosty the Snowman. Okay, but no when it snows, what do I do? I go to a little place, I don't know, maybe you've heard of it? Mar-a-lago? Hello, why do my taxes and believe me I pay taxes, man is this tax bill bad for me...Why are my taxes paying for these folks, okay, who need to stay in their homes? Okay so yeah I go to Florida, so I guess what I am saying is, maybe we can spend less heating the homes of those who are too stubborn to fly to their second homes in Florida. I don't heat Trump Tower with the government's money, okay? I have a Russian who pays for it," said the President when asked about the proposal.

Further reports indicate that when White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the President's statement, she muttered, "I need a drink," under her breath while she began her rebuttal, making a connection between President Trump playing more golf so that the country could save money by not cleaning up any messes he could have made while otherwise trying to be President.

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