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Teenager More Excited To Wear Concert Wristband For Three Weeks After Show Than She Is For The Show

SAN DIEGO, CA - Reports indicate local teenager Amanda Daniels recently attended a Jonas Brothers concert in downtown San Diego with a group of her friends for her 17th birthday. Although reviews for the bands performance were generally positive, the teen clearly saw the long term investment of the evening being the trendy concert wristband she received that night which gained her access to enter the ground level of the arena.

"Like oh my god, it's pink, which is perfect, it's like my totally favorite color, I am going to wear this until it falls off, that'll show Cindy Jefferson in AP History, her parents wouldn't let her go to the show. She'll see this every day in March and it will drive her crazy," said Daniels when asked about the performance.

Despite the obvious drawback that after three weeks the wristband would be a literal breeding ground for bacteria and disease, Amanda was optimistic about her new fashion accessory. "The way I see it the concert only lasted three hours, I get to show off how cool I am for like a million times longer with this."

At the time of press, Amanda was reportedly being extra careful to ensure that every single Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr post she created would have the wristband prominently in the frame. Some students at Amanda's high school also mentioned they saw faded black "X" marks on her wrists, a common indicator for bars to identify persons under 21 years of age, despite the fact the concert venue didn't serve alcohol and the group went to a Cold Stone Creamery after the show and not a bar.

Determined to milk every ounce of popularity she can out of the band, sources say Amanda will try her hardest to wear the band until it physically deteriorates from her wrist or until the pungent odor becomes so severe that it interferes with her Instagram story.

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