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Pepe Le Pew To Never Work Again After Harassment Allegations Revealed In Me Too Movement

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Famed French skunk, Pepe Le Pew, has been named as the latest accuser in Hollywood's purge on inappropriate behavior when several cats in the industry came forward with tales of stalking, sexual harassment and fondling against their will. Reports indicate that the allegations have little chance of being proven false as most of these actions were caught on camera during the making of his many films aimed primarily at children.

"It was almost as if he didn't care, like he could do what ever he wanted just because he was French," said one of the feline victims. "I was just minding my business when I climbed under a railing. You see it was wet with paint giving me a stripe that made me look like a skunk. Just because of the way I look you shouldn't just assume I want to be swooned. It's tres mauvais."

After hearing the victims come out against Pepe, Warner Brother's Studios officially cut all ties with the skunk and decided to pull his films and shorts from syndication. A spokesman for the studio had this to say, "We know this looks bad, I mean we did make these films and we see now how grossly inappropriate they are... at the risk of making a bad pun here, the situation stinks."

When asked for comment, Mr. Le Pew declined an interview but requested a date with the receptionist who reached out to him on behalf of Balanced and Fair News. Rumors in the entertainment industry do indicate a new home for the pussycat grabbing, serial sexual assaulter would be either the White House or Fox News.

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