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Racism Finally Pays Off For Black Man

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Director, actor, writer, comedian and now Oscar winner Jordan Peele left Sunday's Academy Awards Ceremony with an Oscar statuette for his movie Get Out which won Best Original Screenplay. And he owes it all to racism.

Without the tensions high in America right now, and for the last several hundred years, this movie's impact would have never resonated with an audience. Without racism, it's just another horror movie with not enough jump scares. Thankfully, for Peele, America is a deeply divided country and racism is in nearly every nook and cranny of the greatest country of all time.

This wave of bigotry and hate was why Jordan Peele was able to connect with so many Americans, especially the overwhelmingly white majority of members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists who felt really, really guilty after watching the movie. Some will argue that racism only played a small part in the success of Mr. Peele's film and credit is due to him for his amazing screenplay and final cut of the movie. It's just hard to ignore the fact that there is at least one black man that is surely thankful for a deeply divided and hatefully racist America.

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