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Study: Sick Gains Significantly Less When Post Liked Fewer Than 1,000 Times on Instagram

SAN DIEGO, CA - Local Instagram celebrity and avid deadlifter Jack Morrow recently partook in a study that identified the correlation between weightlifting gains and the adoration of fans on social media. The study found that "sick gains" were only accomplished when a post of a lift or gym session reached over 1,000 likes, a seemingly critical threshold.

Scientists are still puzzled by the phenomenon and wonder how the body even knows how well a post does on Instagram, only that the facts show it absolutely seems to. Chief researcher for the study Dr. Karl Jackson said, "Time and time again the empirical data sets kept pointing to one logical conclusion. You get less than 1,000 likes you might as well have skipped the gym entirely that day. Over 1,000? Watch out ladies. This answers the age old question, if you go to the gym and don't post about it does it even count? Apparently not."

Mr. Morrow was not surprised to hear about the results of the study and since most of his posts are well over the 1,000 like threshold, he is a clear example of what "sick af gainz" look like. Although he is a victim of the occasional under performing post he is never deterred from posting.

"Just last week I posted a photo, I did the hashtags, the social media optimization, the lighting, filters, time of day, it was all taken under careful consideration, and yet 995 likes. Just five short. Some days I wonder if people who skip over my pictures even know what they are doing to my personal goals. Just double tap that shit, it isn't rocket science. I know because if it was, I wouldn't understand it, I'm kind of a stereotypical meathead here."

Reports indicate that Jack has not given up with the under performing posts either, as he was in the process of making six fake Instagram pages to help him get to 1,001 likes. No pain. No gain.

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