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Poster Board Company CEO Praying For Trump To Fire Mueller And Fuel Protest Sign Sales To Spike

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Jack Robinson, CEO of Georgia Pacific Paper Company and the maker of over 10 million poster boards every year is openly hoping and praying for President Donald Trump to fire the Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"The protests would be unprecedented. And how do people let others know how pissed they are? With posters. Made with my poster boards," said the CEO. "I am two to three protests away from getting that second place up in the mountains that the wife and I have always dreamed about. Maybe that boat too."

When asked about his political standing Robinson admitted that he did indeed vote for President Trump despite not agreeing with his politics or bravado. "Look at the end of the day we are talking bottom line here. Hillary wouldn't sell poster boards. Maybe there would be a spike in paper sales when the Republicans would print out any email that she ever sent ever, but that can't touch what Trump has done to revolutionize the protest industry."

Robinson admitted that new innovations were being brought to market in response to the uptick in protests. A new board with an attachable carrying stick is in the works as well as ones with #bernie2020 already watermarked at the bottom.

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