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Study: Clock You Forgot To Move Forward For Daylight Savings Time Is Right Half The Year

SAN DIEGO, CA - Researchers have recently finished a study, and after an entire year of around the clock 24-hour surveillance, monitoring and analysis, they have come to the conclusion that your the clock hanging in your kitchen which you forgot to move forward last Daylight Savings Time, was right exactly half the year.

The clock's slow ticking continued on for the entire year without so much as a cursory glance from anyone in your household mainly because of the proximity to the microwave's digital clock interface says the lead researcher, Dr. Phillip Tock. He noticed the ease of reading the numbers on the microwave led to the clock's unchanged time for a record six months, while all other time telling devices in your home were accurate.

"Honestly, this was a riveting study, absolutely phenomenal, we had plenty of hypotheses that the clock would just will it self to be correct, or maybe it would stop in protest. None of those were right. It played the long game. It waited six months until Daylight Saving's Time came around again and now proudly displays the correct time," said Dr. Tock.

The team of exhaustive researchers also indicated that in the last year you never changed a single smoke alarm battery nor did you replace the filter of your air conditioning unit.

An additional researcher on the team had this to say, "We are just glad to be able to wrap up this study and finally know that failing to move a clock an hour forward will result in it being right only half the year, exactly half too, that's the crazy part! We will never fully understand how nature works but every study like this brings us a little closer to the truth."

The team's next experiment revolves around analyzing the amount of toilet paper you use in a year's time. They ask in advance for your understanding when they set up camp in your bathroom next week.

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