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REPORT: Bottom Coaster In Set Spends Entire Life Unused

SAN DIEGO, CA - After settling into his new apartment after graduating from college, local resident Jake Carter went straight to IKEA to furnish his new place. Among the items he purchased for his new place was a striking minimalist coaster set purchased in order to preserve the finish on his Melltorp dining room table.

Always optimistic, Jake spent the extra three dollars on the six coaster set versus the one with just three. This was so that with enough guests over he could accommodate all their glasses and protect his table.

Unfortunately Jake's popularity peaked in September 2017 when he had four guests over and five out of the six coasters were used. The last coaster never left the holder that evening and hasn't since. Reports indicate that Carter's social life has waned since that epic September night and it looks like the coaster is never going to get a chance to have a glass sit on its face and collect the sweet condensation.

Unless there is a chance that Jake becomes popular by some miracle, or the coasters were knocked over and rearranged (unlikely as they sit in the center of the table) it seems the final coaster may never get his chance to save the 129 dollar Melltorp table from permanent water rings.

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