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Area Man Wonders If It Is Too Late To Participate In The Ice Bucket Challenge

SAN DIEGO, CA - Area man Todd Rogers is finally ready to take the plunge in support of ALS research and awareness, his timing is just off, by a few years. The local is currently debating whether or not he should partake in the ALS ice bucket challenge after being nominated nearly half a decade ago. 

"I mean, better late than never right?" asked Rogers, a timid accountant who was too busy in 2014 to undertake the task when his brother-in-law challenged him, "I mean I know it might be the coolest thing on MySpace these days, or the hippest thing available on the Blogs, but I feel like it is for a good cause so it shouldn't matter."

Good cause or not, Rogers does have his doubts. "Sure, it has been over four years since anyone has really cashed in on this, but maybe I can start it up again? It's not like 2014 had a monopoly on challenges and awareness. I could nominate three people and get them to get three as well... ALS is still around so why not? I don't know, maybe if I don't go through with it no one will notice."

Deciding ultimately that it was probably too late to get in on the trend, Todd decided that since he didn't go through the stunt, it wouldn't really make sense for him to donate to the ALS Foundation either. 

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