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Area Mom's Alexa Smart Speaker Serves Entire Existence Playing Nothing But Michael Bublé Music

SAN DIEGO, CA - Local mother of three, Ann Parkinson, received an Alexa smart speaker for her birthday on March 2nd of this year. The gift came as a surprise from her oldest son Harold who got his mother the smart speaker as a way to get her to interact with technology more. Since receiving the speaker a month ago, it has been reportedly activated 36 times, each time with the same identical command, "Alexa, play Michael Bublé music, please, thank you."

"You know I thought she would use it to get some news, maybe weather updates, or to turn off and on the nearly $200 worth of smart light bulbs I helped her install throughout the house. Yeah, when I checked the app, I thought it was an error, I scrolled and scrolled, just the same request multiple times a day, Bublé... Bublé... Bublé... Christ my mom has a problem."

When asked why she had yet to find other uses for the $150 dollar smart speaker, Parkinson said, "Well, I do love Michael Bublé, and despite the volume being too low I do love sitting and listening to it. I can't figure out how to stop the music so I just unplug her and replug her back in when I want her to stop. Technology is really quite fascinating to me."

Sources say, Ann plans to order a new Alexa smart speaker this week so that she an also listen to Pat Benatar when she is in the mood for something with a little more pizzazz. 

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