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REPORT: Your Voicemail Box Is Full And Has Been Since 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA - A new study has uncovered a finding that is both revealing and not surprising in the least. Last week scientists determined that your voicemail box was full and has been since May 5, 2015. For the last two years anyone trying to leave you a message has had a rude awakening, you have no space for them.

The team of scientists who discovered this blame texting and applications such as Facebook Messenger making voicemails obsolete. They also took offense to the suggestion that they should be studying something "a little more important to society than voicemails" and said that "maybe if you would check your voicemails every once in a while we wouldn't be here, would we?"

They also went on to add that they were scientists and they would, "study whatever they damn well please," because that is what scientists do and that, "you should maybe stay out of it pal, if you know what's good for you."

They also predict that they current capacity of a phone's voicemail box, which is a measly 20 messages, will not change in the future allowing for more voicemails to pile up.

"Frankly, the technology just isn't there and I don't anticipate it getting there anytime soon. We have to admit the fact we can hold 20 messages is amazing and quite frankly baffling," said the team of scientists.

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