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Twitch Streamer Unsurprisingly Dies After Eating Uncooked Raw Floor Chicken

LOS ANGELES, CA - Local Twitch streamer Aaron Bleyaert was found dead in his apartment tonight after viewers of his live streamed show "Dinner and a Video Game" alerted the police about his gruesome death that was streamed over the internet to over a staggering 34 viewers.

Apparently, Bleyaert was severely poisoned by a toxic mix of air fried raw chicken breasts and packaging plastic left inside of his newly gifted fryer.

Ignoring the advice of his over two dozen viewers, the host tried eating the obviously under cooked chicken resulting in his quick and swift death in front of the streaming audience.

Initial investigations revealed that the user who reported his death the the authorities was one of only three actual viewers, the rest of the supposed fans were just Russian bots commenting racial slurs.

Bleyaert is survived by an awkward blind date and a a celebrity TV show host.


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