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First Time Stand Up Comic Lands Huge Laughs With Both Audience Members

AMHERST, MA - Local, first time, self proclaimed, open mic, stand up comedian Todd Sachs delved into the wild and adventurous world of live comedy last week when he took the stage for the first time to entertain the patrons at his local dive bar's weekly open mic night.

Reports indicate that during his five minutes on stage (some performers who didn't buy a drink only got three minutes) he was able to make a resounding one hundred percent of the audience laugh at least once during his 300 seconds in the spotlight.

Sources indicate that both Jack Beaumont, a regular at the bar and Laura Sachs, Todd's mother and biggest fan both enjoyed what has been reported to be "most or at least some" of his material.

Todd has not let the success get to his head though, he has plans to remain humble despite all the attention. The poor quality photo that he uploaded to his Facebook of his debut performance garnered an impressive 41 likes, two loves, and one wowee face.

"Look, I'm no fool, the Netflix special may be right around the corner, sure, but in the meantime I need to work on my craft, really polish all 13 of my jokes, I think I owe it to my fan," said the comedian at the bar after his set to a bartender that was clearly just being polite for a tip.

When he isn't entertaining intimately sized crowds, Sachs is usually writing for The Salted Pretzel, a satirical news blog that still exists despite the acknowledgement by most in the comedy community that the format died years ago.

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