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Newly Engaged Couple Who Met On Tinder Have No Idea That Both Match Each Other While On The Toilet

San Diego, CA - Newly engaged couple Jonathan Carlsberg and Karen Whipple are the epitome of a perfect love story. Their first date was a moonlit walk on the beach, their courtship lasted three years and Jonathan proposed in Paris with the glowing city lights behind his beautiful bride to be.

The couple would also celebrate the fact that they had met on Tinder, a true millennial love story. Unbeknownst to each other, each was swiping on the can after a night of heavy drinking and Mexican food when they connected.

"It was so funny we were both hungover," said Jonathan about their initial conversation, "She was out the night before celebrating her friend's birthday and I was out after a crazy bachelor party. I guess it was meant to be that we connected."

Glued to toilet for hours, each of the future lovers grew bored of scrolling through their Instagram and Facebook feeds and finally decided to hop on Tinder to swipe. It was only after Jon's second courtesy flush did he swipe right on Karen. On the other hand, Karen's legs were numb from a prolonged sit on the throne when she matched with Jonathan.

"What can I say? It was fate for us to meet!" said Karen right after she finalized her wedding plans to include Mexican food.

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