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BREAKING NEWS: At Age 98, Actress Betty White Is Dead Tired Of Fake Internet Death Hoaxes

LOS ANGELES, CA - Famous American actress Betty White, at age 98, is reportedly still alive and fine, thank you very much. She was actually on the Emmys last night presenting an award, although this is not what the internet would have you believe.

Often the subject of fake internet click bait headlines, Betty White is sick and tired of being the victim of uninspired headlines purposely derived to gain ill gotten ad revenue.

Sources say that this morning, although a little tired from the night before, White spent sometime with her beloved pets on her veranda sipping a cup of coffee while doing the New York Times Crossword.

"Look motherfuckers, when I am dead, you better believe you're gonna know it," said America's sweetheart, Betty White, "You are gonna feel that shit in your bones."

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