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Kentucky Resident Furious His State Is Pink On Map Of United States

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY - Local Lexington man Wilbur Figlet was recently enraged he spotted a map of the United States which represented Kentucky in a bright shade of pink at his local DMV office while he was in line paying a fine for his fifth DUI.

"Now what in tarnation do we have here?" asked Figlet, a native of Kentucky, "I can't believe those liberal map makin' pansies had the audacity to make the Bluegrass state pink. I mean Bluegrass is our damn motto, couldn't make it blue?"

The man went on to complain how Tennessee and Indiana weren't pink although they "had more pinko commies than Kentucky, you better believe it pal."

At time of press, Figlet was more upset with the color of his state on a map than the fact that the man he voted to be President was recently implicated in a Federal crime.

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