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Local Man In 2 Pyramid Schemes Can't Decide Which One To Recruit His Last Remaining Friend Into

SAN DIEGO, CA - Local man Alan Dalton recently ran into quite the conundrum. An independent business owner of two different affiliate marketing operations, Dalton had reached a point in his success where only one remaining acquaintance had yet to be pitched on the independent financial freedom of Amway or the incredible monetary mastery of World Financial Group's unparalleled asset management programs.

Dalton knew he had to make the right choice when he would carefully pitch his last friend on joining one of his two downlines.

Having alienated most of his family by pushing product upon them, and exhausting all 600 Facebook friends he once was on good terms with, this was the last chance he had before he resulted in meeting potential partners at hardware stores and Trader Joe's stores.

Instead of proposing the "business plan" to his friend, he decided that he would just offer him enough Amway XS Energy Drinks until he became hooked on the product and would see the benefit of ordering directly from him instead of doing what those aimless and insane consumers do when they buy groceries from a store instead of a guy you had a Trigonometry class in 10th grade with.

In the end, Dalton decided to go ahead and pitch both, warning that although his biweekly shipments of Amway products yielded great benefit but low cash flow, he wasn't worried because in the long run most of his money was tied up in solid World Financial Group investments promising returns at or slightly above what you could get from a savings account, but with more fees.

Sources say that during the pitch, Dalton actually signed up to be an independent consultant for dōTERRA essential oils as a member of his friend's downline.

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