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Smokey The Bear Says You Can Now Choose Four Friends To Help You Prevent Forest Fires

SACRAMENTO, CA - Smokey the Bear, the furry face of the forest fire industry, announced today that he will be changing his attitude when it comes to exactly who is responsible for preventing forest fires.

"For a long time, I’ve been very clear about the fact that only YOU can prevent forest fires,” said Smokey. “But either you’re not doing a great job or I severely underestimated how many people it would take to stop forest fires. From this point forward, only YOU and four of your friends can prevent forest fires.”

Despite his willingness to be flexible on the issue, Smokey wanted to make it clear that four friends means four friends.

"Four friends. Not four friends and a few family members. Not seven small friends,” said the grizzly spokesbear. “Yes, your girlfriend counts as a friend. I have a very limited budget, so either follow instructions or I’ll find someone else to handle it.”

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