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Keyboard Pounding Atheist Positive He's Only 2 More Facebook Comments Away From Convincing Christian

SAN DIEGO, CA - Local atheist and Facebook philosopher Jim Harding was typing furiously at his keyboard in an attempt to prove once and for all to a former high school classmate that God is in fact a creation of man and not the creator of the universe and all that is in it.

"If he would only just see the obvious truth," muttered Harding at the time of press, "I am sure that this comment will finally make him see the light."

Working on the 65th comment in a long back and forth debate under a meme of Kermit the From sipping tea making a comment about how Priests can molest kids and keep their jobs but that it was none of Kermit's business, Jim Harding knew he was on the precipice of victory when he began drafting his latest six paragraph comment on the ever expanding thread.

Unbeknownst to him, the Christian was carried with him an equal level of optimism, knowing that he was only two to three comments away from saying the poor atheist's soul from an eternity of damnation and suffering in the sulfurous pits of Hell.

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