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Man With New Year's Resolution To Try New Things Starts Binge Watching The Office For The 12th Time

SAN DIEGO, CA - Local resident Derick Matthews made a solid New Year's resolution last week by setting a personal goal to shake things up in 2019 by trying new things instead of falling into the old habits of yesteryear.

His first move on January first was to have oatmeal for breakfast instead of cereal, a move he was quite proud of, given how much of a cereal fan he is. In a second surprising mood he decided to take a different route to the grocery store where he bought a different brand of mac and cheese for dinner instead of the usual Velveeta and shells.

His resolution came to a grinding halt that evening when he was chowing down on his mac and cheese and slowly panning through all the titles on Netflix. He contemplated Bird Box, everyone was talking about that, and passes over Parks and Recreation, before he finally decided he should play it safe and go ahead and start The Office again.

Although he had lost track years ago, this was Matthew's twelfth time starting the series, and like the previous five watchthroughs he would spend more attention to his phone's Facebook and Instagram feed than the background noise of Michael Scott's antics.

At the time of press Matthews was already reportedly on season three's fifteenth episode Ben Franklin, featuring guest star Andy Daly as a sassy founding father.

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