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All Male Cast Prequel Of Ocean's 8 To Star George Clooney

LOS ANGELES , CA - George Clooney might just have a franchise on his hands. Due to the successful box office run of Sandra Bullock's Ocean's 8, the studio has greenlit a prequel films starring George Clooney as the brother of Bullock's character from Ocean's 8, Danny Ocean.

"We really think we can break some interesting ground here," says Clooney about the project, "imagine a heist film, a blockbuster, with a totally male cast, starring men, directed by a man, it's what Hollywood wants and needs right now."

Not to be deterred from taking his own path, Clooney said that the film would pay homage to Ocean's 8 while still finding it's own identity.

"We might even get a character or two to be in our film and really tie them together. And since Danny is dead in Bullock's film, we are going to have to set this thing in the early 2000's... Brad Pitt was big then, maybe he's be up for a role.

At the time of press the project had the working title of 11 Oceans, but the studio admitted they weren't married to the idea.


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