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MAGA Hat Wearing White Male Upset He Can't Boycott Gillette Because He Can't Grow A Beard

DALLAS, TX - Local Resident Chad Wilson was extremely outraged over a recent Gillette commercial which depicted scenes of men promoting acts of what's known as "toxic masculinity".

He shuddered to think that a subsidiary of Proctor & Gamble would tell him how to treat women in the workplace or tell him that it is wrong to catcall women on the sidewalk. "If that's what Gillette thinks of a man, then they're never getting my business if I one day grow enough facial hair to warrant the use of a razor!"

Instead the angered white male went to his local Wal-Mart and purchased over $400 dollars worth of Gillette razors to burn in protest of the companies stance that men shouldn't be pigs.

After posting the pictures of the burning blades to Facebook and Reddit, Wilson calmed down enough to type out a post congratulating the President of giving "hamberders" to the winning Clemson Tigers last week at the White House.


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