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White Chicks Movie Is Just As Bad As Black Face, Claims Disenfranchised White Man

Richmond, VA - Local resident of Memphis and lifelong white male, Dale Anderson can't quite understand the outrage over his Governor's recent blackface scandal while the grave injustice against whites stands uncontested in the form of the movie, White Chicks.

"When and only when Shawn and Marlon Wayan stand behind a podium and apologize for their ignorant portrayal of my proud race, will I be ready to talk about Governor Northam's so-called blackface scandal. I mean he did win the contest as Michael Jackson, so I mean that's something, right?" said Anderson.

White Chicks, the 2004 comedy film, featuring the Wayan brothers as undercover African American Federal Agents who pose as white women currently has a 5.5/10 score on IMDB and a paltry 15% approval on the ratings site, Rotten Tomatoes.

"The white face in that movie has caused the white race immeasurable pain and makes you wonder why anyone cares about our Governor's actions if this was a mainstream movie and there is not one cause for concern here! Every time I see those two in white face it makes me think of a time when we proud whites here in the south could... Well you know... State's rights. I mean it is all about state's rights."

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