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John Hickenlooper Announces His Bid For The Presidency Was An Elaborate April Fool's Joke

DENVER, COLORADO - On March 4th, 2019 former Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper announced that he was seeking the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency of the United States. And with a smirk that only a man with a last name as silly as Hickenlooper could have, he announced less than a month later today that the whole thing was just on elaborate April Fools prank.

"Oh my God, everyone totally fell for it. CNN, Fox, hell even the New York Times thought I was seriously running!" Hikenlooper rasped out between belly laughs. "Seriously, we got them SO good! People even donated money to me! Did they not know that real candidates were running? They had to be in on the joke."

Polling at or below 1% in most polls, Hickenlooper was afraid that he wouldn't be able to keep the joke under wraps until the first of April.

"I just want to thank my 'staff' for playing along, as well as all my 'supporters'! We really crack ourselves up."

When asked if he thought this was the best prank in recent political history, the former governor said that honor goes to the Republican Party in 2016 for nominating Trump.

"Yeah, that prank REALLY got out of hand."

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