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Wal-Mart Bans Handgun Sales And Replaces Inventory With Bazookas

BENTONVILLE, AR - After a recent string of mass shooting incidents that have taken place in Wal-Mart stores, the retail powerhouse has decided to act by banning the sale of handguns and handgun ammunition. To make up for the loss sales the retailer has proudly introduced a line of Roll-Back Bazookas, specifically engineered to make anything one chooses to hunt turn into smithereens.

Gun control advocates believe it is a great start. One local gun control advocate, Otto Amo said, "The choice of Wal-Mart to move into firearm product that has such a small capacity is a great step in the right direction. Think about it. With a bazooka, you can only get off about one round a minute unlike those dangerous hand guns and semi-automatic weapons."

The NRA, who was initially unhappy with the retail giant's decision to remove the handguns from their inventory, was excited to learn about the Bazooka's introduction into the store's inventory. They are repeatedly working with gun manufacturers to find a way to create a high capacity magazine for the new Bazooka line.

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