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Beto O'Rourke Announces Plan To Take AR-15s From 10 Different Families Every Month For A Year

AUSTIN, TX - Not willing to be outdone by fellow presidential nominee Andrew Yang who announced a contest where his campaign will give $1,000 a month to 12 families for a year, Democratic Presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke announced his own plan during last night's Democratic Debate to take AR-15 assault rifles from 10 different families every month for a year.

"Hell yes, I will take your AR-15s and your AK-47s and I'm not going to wait until I am elected, because frankly that's seems less and less as time goes by. I will take away all guns from 10 different families, each month, over the next year," said O'Rourke at the end of the debate trying hard to top Yang's proposal.

O'Rourke will randomly choose names from his campaign's email list. This massive email collection mainly consists of donors from O'Rourke's failed Senate run to unseat Republican Ted Cruz, winner of the "Most Punchable Face Award" seven years in a row.


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