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Excess Homeless Shelter Food Donated To Hungry All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Guests After They Were Cut Off

SAN DIEGO, CA - Yesterday evening at 7:45 PM, the Downtown branch of Father Joe's Villages had wrapped up it's dinner service, providing hot meals of orange chicken, rice and veggies for over 300 homeless and underfed San Diegans. The charity had anticipated an influx of patrons due to the recent rainstorms but was left with over 100 meals at the end of the night.

In a move that proves a charity like Father Joe's Villages is always looking to give, they sought out a good home for the food that would have otherwise been wasted, that's where they stumbled upon a small group of customers cut off from the local all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant.

"They said it was all-you-can-eat but they done cut me and my wife off after our 16th plate of shrimp. I'll be suing them for that there false advertising," said one of the victims, a local of Santee named Vernon Moore, "I is just glad that Father Joe's was able to hook us up with all this here chicken. Yes siree, I will be thankful and eat until my heart's content, which my doctor says if I keep eating like this, will be sooner rather than later."

A spokesman volunteer for the charity, Greg Hammond said, "Look, we were going to throw this stuff away tonight anyways, might as well do down someone's gullet than be in the trash right? I just with they would use utensils. Seeing them shove everything into their mouth with their hands isn't the most pleasant sight."

Next month, the charity will begin to rent out unused cots as Airbnb locations for San Diego tourists to take advantage of.

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