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BREAKING: Bush Reveals He Was Being Sarcastic During "Mission Accomplished" Speech

PRAIRIE CHAPEL RANCH, TX - After watching the latest press briefing on the Coronavirus from President Trump, former President George W. Bush revealed in a statement that he was being sarcastic during his infamous 2003 televised address to the nation aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

"Heh heh, come on guys, it was 2003, the war still isn't over 17 years later, only an idiot couldn't tell I was just goofin'," said the once leader of the free world.

"I dunno, seemed like having the big banner and being on that big boat, made it pretty obvious. Who could take a grown man seriously giving a speech in the middle of the ocean? I thought the fact that is was on the Lincoln would help drive home the point. Remember how he sarcastically ended the Civil War? He signed the Emancipation Declaration while rolling his eyes sooo hard."

When reached out for comment, former President Barack Obama also wanted to get on the record, "Let me be clear, that whole, keep your doctor thing? Sarcasm, plain and simple."

The premise of this article was provided by Craig Pratsch, famous sourdough bread baker.

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