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45 Blames Obama For Lack Of Corona Prep, Obama Blames Bush, Bush Blames Clinton, Bill Blames Hillary

WASHINGTON D.C. - Both President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have both blamed the Obama administration for the country's failed response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Republicans are declaring that Obama's 69-page pandemic response guide, preparing a tabletop pandemic exercise days before Trump's inauguration, and multiple warnings from the CDC (which Trump's administration defunded by over 700 million dollars) led the nation into this chaos.

Former President Obama took a play out of Trump's playbook and decided to pass the blame to his predecessor President Bush. Hearing this Bush immediately pointed out that he was left zero plan for a Covid-19 type outbreak from President Clinton. Upon reading about that accusation, President Clinton said he left that to his wife Hillary and it was her fault.

Everyone agreed that the plan for the pandemic response was in her deleted emails.

When she learned of the accusation, the former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady replied, "Yeah, fuck it, why not?"

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