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Senile Man So Senile He Forgets He Is Senile, Delivers Perfectly Coherent Speech

WILMINGTON, DE - Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States and current Democratic nominee for the President of the United States is being attacked again by his opponent in the race, incumbent President, Donald Trump.

"He's senile, Sleepy Joe, losing it..." remarked the President, before staring off into the crowd for 10 seconds in a foggy blur of recollection.

Sadly it appears to be true. After Biden delivered his speech at the Democratic National Convention last week without a single gaffe or fluster, it only proves the President is right, and the situation might actually be much worse that he once thought.

Biden's speech was one that only could be delivered by a man who was obviously in a healthy state of mind, meaning that Biden has to be so senile that he forgot he was senile. It is worst that we thought.

The President couldn't be reached for comment for this article as he was busy violating the Hatch Act law by holding a campaign event on the White House lawn, ironically giving a speech about law and order.


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