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85 Year Old Area Man With Dementia Has Accidentally Gotten COVID-19 Vaccination 17 Times

SAN DIEGO, CA - Local resident James Burkwalter who turned 85 years old last month, was determined to stay safe and beat the looming threat of the COVID-19 virus. Ever since his granddaughter showed him how to book an appointment on his Jitterbug cell phone, the senior who has recently been diagnosed with dementia and suffers from serious memory loss, has gone to a different pharmacy every day in March to receive a vaccination shot.

"I noticed an awful lot of bruising on Mr. Burkwalter's arm when I was about to give him his shot, and then asked to see his phone. My suspicion was right. He had been getting a shot every single day this month. He could probably jam a needle from under an underpass in his eyeball and not catch anything right now. Modern miracle he's alive," said the nurse practitioner who finally stopped Mr. Burkwalter's daily ritual.

When reached for comment, Mr. Burkwalter, who lapses in and out of a lucid state constantly, responded, "I swear that Jimmy Carter is up to no good, banning our boys from the Olympics, I miss the good old days when you could get a jawbreaker for a penny. My son never visits me anymore. I am so dead inside."

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