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Area Man Working From Home Takes Shower Before Noon For The First Time In Eight Months

SAN DIEGO, CA - Local resident Charles Franklin who has been working remotely since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in March of 2020, recently made a major breakthrough in his daily routine by managing to take his daily shower before his clock struck noon.

Plagued by Zoom meetings, conference calls, spreadsheets, invoices coupled with the anxiety inducing loneliness of living alone has led Franklin to abandon any semblance of a normal schedule and makes his way through each day with a fog of haphazard direction and unmotivated will to live.

For the first time in eight months Mr. Franklin astonished himself by taking one of his biweekly showers before he warmed up his room temperature Domino's pizza for lunch. Luckily the wonton act of normality didn't spill into the other facets of his depressing life, as he still went to sleep that night at 3AM, still hadn't shaved in two months and hasn't been outside of his apartment in over 72 hours.

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