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Betty White Dead At 99 After Tragic Death In Secret Underground Fight Club Brawl

CARMEL, CA - Famed actress and animal rights activist Betty White was pronounced dead at this morning after she suffered a severe right hook to her nearly century old, osteoporosis riddled jaw. The blow was from a fellow fighter in what authorities are now learning was a secret underground fight club that White was involved in.

The Wall Streets Journal is now learning that White had joined the league in her early nineties to blow off steam from her day job as the supporting character in the TV Land show Hot in Cleveland.

White, who was famous for her animal activism over the years, had no problem "smacking a damn fool" who was "crackin' wise" in the ring when her turn to "throw down" came up.

The beloved Golden Girls leading woman will be missed and the Wall Streets Journal Staff wishes her a restful slumber that the star had certainly earned after six long rounds with Frankie "The Cobbler" O'Brien.

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