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Biden To Nominate First Woman Secretary Of The Army, First Male Secretary Of The Oval Office

WASHINGTON, DC - President Biden is making history as he plans to nominate Christine Wormuth as the Secretary of the Army, if approved by the Senate she would be the first ever woman in that role.

He is also breaking the glass ceiling for the marginalized men in the secretarial workspace as he nominates Frank as the official Secretary of the Oval Office. Frank will be responsible for the calendar of the President, screening his calls and making the President's morning wake up call. Christine Wormuth on the other hand will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of hardened Army soldiers, billions of dollars of tactical equipment, several overseas conflicts, a world beset by terrorism and a serious problem with Veteran PTSD increasing year over year.

Frank will also choose the flowers in the lobby of the White House.

"It is truly a remarkable day for both genders," remarked the President behind 8 face masks.

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