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Derek Chauvin Worried To Death He Won't Be Able To Be A Cop Again After He Is Inevitably Let Off

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Derek Chauvin is facing the trial of his life, after he was videotaped last summer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd until the suspect died from lack of air.

Chauvin is of course worried about the trial, he understands that although he will definitely get off, it makes his employment opportunities in the future quite bleak.

"Once I am found not guilty, I'm afraid I will only be allowed to be a cop in like Arizona or Florida, those two states require only that you have your own gun and that you are white, hell, if you were a mall security guard before you could be the chief."

Despite the damning video evidence, hours of testimony against him and the eyes of a nation upon ever second of the trial, Chauvin isn't too worried.

"Last time I checked, I'm a white cop. This is America. Now I need to figure out where I want to buy my first gun as a private citizen when released next week."

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