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Man Can't Decide Whether To Celebrate National French Bread Day Or 7 Year Old Daughter's Birthday

SAN DIEGO, CA - Area man Jacob Dylan was faced with a serious conundrum when the 21st of March popped up on his calendar. On one hand, his beautiful daughter, Jeannie, was born on the 21st of March 7 years ago, brining joy to his life that was almost unparalleled.

That is until he noticed the other holiday marked on his Word-a-Day calendar... National French Bread Day.

Sure, his daughter was the love of his life, but on the other hand, French Bread was French Bread.

Meatball subs, garlic bread, French bread pizza, footlongs, baguettes, and of course just plain French Bread, this wasn't going to be easy.

At the time of press, Mr. Dylan was seen on the phone cancelling the live action Frozen characters he had contracted to entertain his daughter while on the Panera Bread website, loading his cart with dozens of feet of delicious French bread.

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