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Exasperated Police Sketch Artist Honestly Can't Wait For Mask Mandate To Be Lifted

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - Local police sketch artist Bruce Calvin is eagerly awaiting the end of the pandemic so he can do his goddamn job again.

Crime hasn't gone anywhere during the Coronavirus pandemic, but the fact that everyone is wearing masks is making it pretty

freaking hard to draw a goddamn face with half the stupid face concealed.

"Look, I am getting great with eyes, but man, if someone is wearing a hat, and a mask? Give me a break, we are never catching those fuckers," remarked Mr. Calvin.

On the bright side, catching anti-maskers is easier than ever and the artist is getting really, really good at drawing masks.

"I can draw the medical masks, cloth masks, N95s, respirators, bandanas even t-shirts pulled haphazardly over someone's face, which is... something of a silver lining."

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