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Rep. Matt Gaetz Pulled Over For Going 3 MPH In School Zone

PENSACOLA, FL - Embattled Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz was pulled over by the Pensacola Sheriff's Office today, for excessive slowness in a school zone. The Congressman was passing the Pensacola High School cheer squad's afternoon practice Monday afternoon with his window down and his phone out recording the team.

The local Sheriff noticed the strange behavior when he leaving the school after responding to the fifth school shooting in the district this month.

Once pulled over, the Congressman said he was just trying to get service on his cellphone so he could send a text about a human trafficking bill he wasn't planning on supporting but his alibi fell through when the officer saw several Venmo notifications come through the phone.

Also suspicious was the three 16 year old girls in the backseat of Mr. Gaetz's car. He has denied comment to The Wall Streets Journal but said his office will release a statement soon on his Snapchat.

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