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Ted Cruz Asked To Wear Mask At Press Conference To Protect All Who Have To See His Sniveling Face

WASHINGTON DC - Senator Ted Cruz refused to wear a mask during a press conference yesterday, claiming he wasn't going to wear a mask while being interviewed by reporters.

"And all of us have been immunized, so..." continued the protest from the really punchable Senator from Texas.

The reporters actually agreed with the Senator then offered their reasoning, "Sir, we know, this isn't about the Coronavirus, we just don't want to look at your face with that sad excuse for a beard. It looks like a rotting possum that washed up on the banks of the Mississippi landed on your chin, you sniveling, insurrection starting, Texas abandoning, Mexico vacation taking, pathetic excuse for a human being."

Senator Cruz still refused after the protest and went home to his wife and children that cannot stand the sight of his traitorous mug.

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