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With Daily Mass Shootings The Norm Again, America Is Finally Back And Over This Whole Covid-19 Thing

UNITED STATES - As the number of vaccinated Americans continues to rise under the leadership of President Joe Biden, Americans are slowly getting back to normal as they leave behind the "unprecedented times" of Covid-19.

One thing heralding a shift back to normalcy is the opening of movie theaters, eating inside of restaurants again, visiting bars and of course the slaughter of innocent Americans on a near daily basis by a lone gunman using their God given right to own as many guns as they please to satisfy the hole in their heart from never truly being loved.

With the tragic attack on Asian American women in Atlanta combined with the supermarket shooting in Boulder, Colorado, it is starting to look the the good old America that the world knew and loved pre pandemic. Experts say the sign that America will be completely back to normal with the reemergence of monthly school shootings.

The day that more Americans die from senseless gun violence than a deadly foreign virus will be a day long celebrated.

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